Stop Slouching! 10 Ways to Improve your Posture

Have you ever wondered why your mom always told you to stop slouching when you were younger? Aside from the fact that it makes you look much shorter than you already are and makes you look like you don’t have confidence in yourself, it also destroys your back. In the long run, you’ll feel a lot of pain in your back area if you don’t fix bad posture when you’re younger.

So how do you improve posture anyway? Do you just stand up straight and let your back magically fix itself? Well, your back won’t be able to do that if your body is used to a crunching position. That’s why you have to fix posture so that your body will get used to a position that’s good for it.

Improve posture

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How to Improve Posture?

Here are 10 easy and practical tips that can help you fix your posture.

3. Do Shoulder and Chest Exercises

Shoulder and Chest Exercises

As mentioned earlier, the shoulders control the posture. So if your chest and shoulders are compressed because you’re sitting down too long or slouching too much, then your position might be stuck for a while. That said, you have to constantly loosen up your shoulders and chest so that your spine will be pushed back.

It is recommended that you try doing yoga as it contains a plethora of exercises that help loosen up the shoulders and straighten the back. In fact, yoga forces you to hold poses that are very helpful for your back. So if you do even the basic yoga shoulder and chest exercises every day (you’ll take around just 15 minutes to do them), you’ll notice a huge difference.

So a quick answer to how to fix posture? Take up a basic yoga session or search for some yoga poses that are good for the back on the internet. You’ll find a lot of them.

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