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Tea Tree Oil for Sunburn: Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Sunburn Relief?

At first glance, tea tree oil looks like a good remedy for sunburn relief. Tea tree oil might also have other healing properties that you should know about (1). One of the major factors responsible for sunburn relief is tissue regeneration. Tea tree seems likely to help regenerate and renew the damaged tissues due to exposure to sunlight. Moreover, tea tree oil could also help with the overall burning sensation and pain that comes after being exposed to the sun for too long.

Tea Tree Oil for Sunburn

Tea tree oil for sunburn

Tea tree oil seems like a good solution for immediate sunburn relief. It can be applied on the burnt skin in a diluted mixture. Some recommend one part pure tea tree oil with 10 parts olive or coconut oil. The soothing effect can be felt almost immediately. Moreover, tea tree oil is said to reduce blistering and peeling. For a cooling effect, Aloe Vera and Lavender oil could also help.

Tea tree oil is also good to provide a whole rejuvenating and hydrating feeling. You could use it to calm down your skin from sun exposure, no matter if you have gotten sunburnt or not.

You can use the tea tree oil for a bath, and this would help to ease the tension caused by sunburns. This is done using five drops of carrier oil lukewarm water together with the tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil Facts

If you’re not accustomed to tea tree oil, you should know it is an essential oil obtained through a steam-distillation process. The original plant is called Melaleuca alternifolia and it is an Australian-native. Its use in dermatology has been the subject of numerous studies (2). It would seem tea tree oil exerts antioxidant activity and could fight viral and fungal bacterial inflammations, as well as protozoal infections on the skin and mucosa (3, 4). It is also very good at accelerating the healing process and even promotes anti-skin cancer activity. All in all, it seems that the tea tree oil opens new horizons in dermatology and it would be an interesting subject to follow in the following years.


All in all, it seems that the tea tree oil for sunburn could work as an effective tissue regenerator. It comes to the aid of damaged tissue and helps rebuild it. Tissue regeneration is a massive benefit in cases of sunburns because it makes for a faster healing process. Moreover, it seems that tea tree oil is a quite god analgesic that helps with the pain and burning sensation that comes with burning. In addition to these benefits, dermatologists are still looking into how tea tree oil can help with other skin diseases.